The Elements of an Excellent Essay
Contains a charted description of the required components of a standard college academic essay

5 Paragraph Essay Outline
Contains a fill in outline essay form and 20 Essay Writing Prompts for 5 paragraph essays available on the back of this sheet

Graphic Organizer
An outline that guides students with essay construction

Sample of a Five Paragraph Essay
Contains a concise model 5 paragraph essay. A great resource to show clearly a thesis statement and how it relates to paragraph topic sentences

Thesis Statements
Contains detailed steps and models for thesis development.

Turning a Prompt: Workshop
Contains examples, definitions, and explanations with exercises

Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism
Contains a definition, explanation, and examples of plagiarism with further suggested resources.

MLA Formatting for Word 2007
Outlines the steps for style, font, and spacing for proper MLA format

Example MLA format Essay Instructional
Contains a description of the elements of proper MLA format in essay form with examples

MLA: Works Cited Page
Outlines the major components of a work cited page with a sample works Cited list on the back

MLA Citation Guide for Common Sources
Contains formats and examples of the most commonly used sources

APA Example Essay
Contains instructions written in paragraph form.

Transitional Words
A categorical list of transitional words, synonyms, and exercises.

Tone Vocabulary List
Tone vocabulary list outlining the tone/attitude value of each word. Contains an exercise with fill-in the blanks as well as an exercise that allows the student to create his or her own paragraph with stronger tone words.

Analysis Explanation
Contains an explanation of how to analyze a work, a model of analysis, and a graphic organizer to guide students with their own work.